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Independent advice from 2pal

2pal provides independent and professional advice to companies on better pallet management.

The 2pal Pallet Management Audit includes a review of your pallet applications and procurement processes to identify all opportunities to optimise pallet use. This proven approach will identify:

  • A range of immediate cost reductions
  • Opportunities to improve performance
  • Significant strategic pallet developments

The choice of the right pallet is determined by a wide variety of factors. Several of the most common and important include dimensions, load bearing capacity, carried products, health and safety, reuse, recycling & disposal; as well as the international and sector regulations where the pallets are used. There are a wide variety of pallet designs, materials and alternatives available.

2pal can help you evaluate the options and select the best alternative to meet your business needs.

If your requirement is unique and requires the development of a new pallet design, 2pal can also prepare an accurate specification, audit production standards and the quality of pallets provided.

2pal also advises on pallet procurement including forecasting demand, whole-life costs, specifications, quality assurance and the best commercial choice between purchase and rental.

2pal can help you manage your suppliers and business performance by defining the Key Performance Indicators for your pallet operations, as well as analyzing management reports and benchmarking data.

Better pallet management is often a component of larger supply chain and logistics improvement programmes. 2pal can act as a specialist part of a larger consulting team advising corporations on a retained or independent basis.