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Programme management by 2pal and its networks

2pal can provide a consultant or interim manager to deliver pallet projects, releasing your staff to maintain customer service and production.

2pal provides an independent perspective and ensures all parties in your business are engaged in the evaluation, design, implementation and improvement of pallet management.

2pal can act as an informed sounding board to evaluate pallet strategy options, rigorously audit business plans, define pallet service requirements, objectively test sales proposals and prepare compelling tender responses

2pal is at the centre of an extensive network of providers and markets in the pallet industry, as well as the European supply chain and logistics sectors. We have worked with all of the major pallet producers, pallet pools and collection companies. We have also worked with the major pallet users including businesses in the FMCG, wholesalers & multiple retailers, food processing, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing sectors

2pal works for third party logistics providers, shipping and freight-forwarders and packaging providers.

These networks can be used to benefit your business by benchmarking performance, providing references on potential partners and facilitating technical visits.

2pal can also help your business identify, recruit and develop excellent pallet managers.